A Comfortable Cocoon – The Cozy and Safe Feeling

Sometimes I feel the need to create a safe and comfortable cocoon. A little nook for myself. A small cocoon, just big enough to feel comfortable in.

It could be a pile of blankets over your favorite chair, set up like a small tent with just enough room for you. It can also exist solely in your imagination, and with your eyes closed, your mind takes you there. But why choose if you can have both?

Taking Cats as an Example

Cats are a great example for us. They love finding small corners, making them feel safe in their own comfortable cocoon. It can give us a safe feeling too. In our minds, it can even protect us from the outside world for a while. This helps us just exist for enough time to recover from stress or anxiety, for example.

Simply Being Yourself

Just existing and simply letting ourselves be—how peaceful is that! Allowing ourselves to just exist and nothing else, in our safe, warm, and cozy cocoon.

Quick Retreat

Is your living space filled with people, noise, and action? Use the bathroom, sit on the floor with a bath towel over your head, and cover your face too if that makes you feel comfortable. Then, ignore the world for 10 minutes. Just be.

This is a time that is yours and yours alone, where you don’t have to think for others, for yourself, or do anything. Allow yourself to simply exist. Pretend you are a simple cell, a basic unit of life that just is, and let yourself be.

Enjoy that warm, cozy, and safe feeling in your comfortable cocoon!

Enjoy that warm, cozy, and safe feeling in your comfortable cocoon!

Want to see Paka, this beautiful cat, again? She regularly makes appearances in Anne-Marie’s yoga videos!

Photo’s made and owned by Anne-Marie

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