Chrissy’s Tips for Staying Organized – mini interview

Every now and then, I ask my daughter-in-law for tips on staying organized. To me, Chrissy is the epitome of a modern power woman! In this mini-interview, she shares more about it with me.

Chrissy has a stressful job as a nurse. That would be more than enough for many, but she also raises five children who all need to be taken to their various sports clubs. She coaches the kids’ soccer team and hosts a popular podcast where she discusses her workout routines.

Here are Chrissy’s tips on how she stays sane, all of which boil down to good organization according to her.

“Chrissy, what exactly does your job entail?”

“Currently, I am a nurse at a local hospital in Massachusetts. My work involves bedside care for patients. They have a wide range of illnesses, from COVID to hip fractures that need surgery.”

“That sounds like a tough job.”

“Bedside nursing has many stress factors that are mentally and physically demanding. You have to deal with the patient and the family and act as a mediator between the doctor and the patient. There are moments when family dynamics can make the job harder. Caring for patients when they are at their most vulnerable is rewarding but can also lead to increased demands from the hospital.”

“Do you manage to keep work and personal life separate?”

“Throughout my career, I’ve learned that you need to have a work-life balance. Once you enter your workplace, you leave everything at the door. The same applies when you clock out. Colleagues have become some of my best friends because we are all connected by the same work trauma, as we unfortunately experience many sad and traumatic events.”

Chrissy’s simple tips that can help anyone

“My tips are not special, and anyone can do them. They’ve helped me keep my life in balance for years.”

  1. Exercise every day, even if it’s just for a short time.
  2. Eat a healthy, balanced meal daily.
  3. Good sleep—8 hours a night is essential for optimal functioning.

“I realize that most readers might have expected different tips because they don’t seem very special. But really, follow this guidance, and you’ll find you have enough energy and resilience to get through even the busiest times effortlessly.”

Thank you, Chrissy for your simple yet effective tips for staying organized. If you have more tips, please feel free to share them with us.

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