Pranayama Techeniques

Keep it Simple

K.I.S.S. Pranayama Techeniques, or as I love calling it in one breath “Keep it Simple Stupid it’s just breathing after all, techniques to regain control of yourself and help lower your blood pressure.”


Have you ever taken a yoga lesson in a well attended yoga studio, and physically vibrated when “Om” was hummed at unison? It’s pretty cool. Think of everyone exhaling as long as they can at the very same time, bellies hollowing in, creating extra space adding to the Om echo like vibrations.
And what on earth is Om signification? You may have wonder the very first time you felt Om when you very first took part of this unison.
How about Pranayama Techeniques meaning? Prana holds everything together , and Ayama is the duration of it. Ayama helps the flow of the Prana.
All that to say, just breathe.

Ujjayi Breath

A favorite Breath in Yoga Studios, is the Ujjayi Breath, also called Ocean Breath, which consist of obstructing naturally the back of your throat while breathing in and out, slowing the breath in the process, and bringing your attention to the breath. Pretend to be Darth Vader et voila! When all the yoga students are using this breath at the same time, it’s quite loud in gang!
Beside the obvious, improving our concentration and self awareness, when else would you use the Ujjayi breath?
As soon as you realize you aren’t feeling right inside, from an aggravated discussion, anxiety, and daily stress, bring your attention back to your breath, and pay special attention to that little pause between your inhale and exhale, the retention or “Kumbhak”
When wanting to stay a tad longer into a yoga pose when your body is getting tired or to release tension in your body, including headaches and sinus issues. As with anything, check with your doctor if you aren’t sure you should be breathing, or not. Your spouse probably could answer that question for you as well!

Watch my YouTube video.

Silliness apart, if you would like to learn more about Pranayama, and other breathing techniques, I recommend a great book by Doug Keller, called “Refining the Breath” – Pranayama: The Art of the Awakened Breath, or just watch my free YouTube video on the topic, linked in this article, especially if learning by doing is more your style.

Photo: Hunter on the Rock by Anne-Marie.

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