The Child Pose (Balasana)

The Child Pose (Balasana) is a pose that comes naturally, with as many variation for all types of bodies! Balasana helps lower high blood pressure, because of it’s relaxing and calming effect. Especially if practice regularly, on it’s own, or even better, as part of your yoga practice.

During an in person yoga class, each time you feel your body needs a rest, it’s a wonderful pose to go into. If you are watching one of my you tube video, and need that rest, just pause the vid. And get into your child pose, for as long as needed. I go in child pose on my bed every-night before getting under the blankets. It’s part of my getting ready for sleep routine. But one doesn’t need to wait until bed time or being on the mat.

How to get into child pose.

The hard part is actually getting down, so remember you can use your bed instead of the floor. The rest is more natural, babies do so all the time! Starting on hands and knees, sending our bums towards our heels. Arms can be overhead, on the back, forward, where ever it’s comfortable to you. Knees can be apart, toes touching, allowing more room for the stomach, also a great hip opener, or knees can be touching or next to each other. I also like using my fists under my forehead as a little pillow, or both one on top of the other. A block or book will do as well,as I demonstrate in the accompanied video, and yes, you can use a sofa cushion under your forehead!

Comfortable and relaxing

If this doesn’t work for you, it’s okay. Just sit down and relax everything forward. Just like one of my student demonstrate on the group photo. Child pose (Balasana) is comfortable and relaxing, adjust what needs to, as suggested above to make it happen.

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