Is there a Carole McClure?

Is there a Carole McClure is a reference to “Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Clause”

When “Don’t do that!” just isn’t enough.

“Don’t climb on the big rock, you’ll fall in the fire!!” I would scream years ago to my children.  We have a huge bonfire pit, framed with large rocks, one of course flat on top and tempting to sit on.

My warnings didn’t seem to impress my kids at all. At the time, I felt that I had no choice but to create for their own good,  the tragic family of Carole McClure.  It became way more effective to say:  “Get off that rock immediately!  Carole McClure’s son, you know, the one that is so disfigured people scream when they see him….”

You got to admit, stories like that have way more power with little kids and little adults alike.

Carole’s retirement

By the time my kids grew up, and became little adults, Carole McClure, and maybe the one child she still had left, you know, the one who’s missing both eyes, and brain dead…”, well, their services were no longer needed and went to a premature retirement.

And …back she came

Because I became a grandma.  History was repeating itself.  There was a huge bonfire going in that pit, and one of my little grandson was standing on “that” rock.  I had to get the McClure’s out of recluse, to tell them what happened to Carole McClure’s son!  And, just like in the pre-McClure days, they all cracked up laughing.  I had to upper my story, again.

What I didn’t expect, came up next.  You see, sometime, result take times, even take a full generation!   The past should be there to learn from, to repeat or even improve, the greatness, and learn to avoid repeating the same mistake, and sometime it takes more times for some than others to get it.  It’s all good, as long as everyone eventually gets it.

My son

When the time to part came, and my grand kids were all secured in the car, my son told them to wait, that he had to talk to me.  Walking me way from the car, looking nervous and worried, he asked me this question, that to this day, still makes me  proud of my delayed McClure Success!

What did he say to me?  “Mom…. Carole McClure…do we know her?”

He could have asked me if there really was a Santa Clause, while being this authentic, it would have had the same effect !

This is a true story, and here is a video taken by that fire pit, of me singing in french on the ukulele.  Yeah, it’s not bad actually

Afbeeldingen: Anne-Marie (privébezit), Bing creator.

Love and Peace, have a blessed year!
Anne-Marie and the Laidback Mat

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